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About the International Reciprocal Financial Aid System

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People have always been striving for stability in their lives and confidence in the future. With this aim in view, they invented a variety of reciprocal aid systems.

This is what gave rise to insurance companies, pension funds, trade unions, and other entities that are based on accumulation and re-distribution of funds provided by the numerous "contributors" to cover the current needs of a relatively small number of them.

The modern world can hardly be imagined without these systems, and the number of such companies is growing every day.

Gold Line International

However, there exists another way to get regular financial support:
— without having to wait for an insurance event or retirement;
— every day, not once a year or once a month;
— not a meager allowance but as much as you need for a good life;
— not from government or private entities but from millions of people from all the world!

Gold Line International is a united international system for reciprocal financial aid that was designed to bring millions of people from the entire world together and let them provide ongoing financial support to each other.

Gold Line is an independent automated system without any human involvement in the accounting and control of financial transactions.

Payment methods

To provide and receive financial aid in the Gold Line International system we use the WalletOne (W1) international payment service.

The company neither credits money to its accounts nor accrues nor redistributes them!

All the transactions are performed directly between members and are immediately credited to their personal accounts in the WalletOne (W1) payment system.

If you want to join Gold Line International:
1. Register in the system for free.
2. Create and link your W1 wallet to your account.
3. Replenish your W1 account with 75 USD.

After that the system will automatically perform transactions of providing
financial aid according to your order.

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